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September 2006

N.C. to order more than 200 water systems to test for lead, copper
Restoring Tahoe clarity enters new phase
Students work with Mammoth Cave to find ways to reduce pollution
Tucson residents could have a say in how tap water tastes
Chinese leader promises aggressive fight to conserve water and prevent pollution
Coke, Pepsi doing little to confront pesticide allegations in India
Gas appliance maker Paloma ordered to recall waters heaters after 21 deaths
Jordan River -- some are baptised in it, others pollute it

August 2006

Lake Tahoe clarity largely unchanged from recent years
Scientist says model shows nitrogen a main factor in Gulf's dead zone
Sewage pollutes water, ground statewide
Transfer farmer's suit to federal court, Helena Chemical asks
Climate change experts predict drop in Lake Erie water levels
Duke plans to shut off village water as Britain faces worst drought in three decades
Indian state bans sale and production of Coke, Pepsi
New Jersey scientists eye method for reducing hurricane power

July 2006

Higher levels of heavy metals found in Montanans
Minnesota agency warns of toxic algae in lakes
New effort to clean up Spokane River
Unwanted prescriptions turning up in natural waterways
In Puerto Rico, largest ever criminal fine against a utility for violating clean water laws
Japanese company denies fault in 15 deaths linked to its water heaters -- police start probe
Madrid's water consumption drops during Spain games
U.N. court to rule on dispute over pulp mills on Uruguay River

June 2006
China unleashes Yangtze River on new dam
Dams, pumps help slow toxic spill in north China
Uruguay's president defends controversial pulp mills in nationally televised briefing
1,400 fall ill from contaminated drinking water in northeastern

 May 2006
Malaysia's water industry set for reforms, but no foreign control
Polluted discharge from factories in south China affect drinking water of 40,000 villagers
Proposals consolidate, simplify England's bottled water laws
Scientists conduct first test of tsunami-warning system since 2004 Indian Ocean disaster

April 2006
Canadian wins annual Stockholm Water Prize for Mexico work
China's premier vows to hold officials accountable for environmental failures
China's waterways facing major chemical pollution risks
Israel, Turkey put landmark water agreement into deep freeze
Panama president to unveil plan for Panama Canal expansion
Water crisis hits even Europe, where officials say 41 million lack sufficient drinking water

March 2006

Las Vegas to restrict residents' water use
Ecuadorean judge inspects jungle hamlet rife with cancer in Texaco
Japan thirst for Hawaii deep seawater drives industry
U.N. says a fifth of the world lacks clean water to drink despite abundant supplies
Water supplies to 28,000 cut after power plant flushes pollutants into Chinese river

February 2006
American security costs derail Iraq water, electrical projects
Bechtel drops $25 million Bolivian water claim
China's environmental agency says disasters must be reported within one hour
Millions in Kenya face starvation

January 2006
China says 300 million rural residents drink unsafe water, as worries mount over pollution
One year later world recalls the fury of the Indian Ocean tsunami
Thai floods leave behind gold rush
U.N. report urges urgent action to deal with toxins from northeastern China chemical spill

December 2005
Damage from Chinese toxic spill will take years to assess, Russian official says
Environmental destruction and issues arising from the tsunami
Saturn's largest moon has dramatic weather
Scientists say new ocean is forming in Ethiopia

November 2005
Germany's RWE to sell U.S., British water operations
New idea proposes to inject seawater to raise Venice
Pollution threatens revered Jordan River
Tsunami hero girl sees U.N., meets Clinton

October 2005
Experts say microbes may show Mars has life
International team seeks ancient origins of Chesapeake Bay
Major drought hits Amazon rainforest
Mexico's Rio Grande water debt repaid
New company wants Mars colony
Penn & Teller plan all-underwater TV show

September 2005
African ministers say clean water key to fighting poverty
Divers start 10-day experiment living under water to top Guinness record
State environment agency tells Coca-Cola to shut plant in southern India
Zimbabwe on edge of hunger

August 2005
Drinking water issues should be addressed
Iraqis thirst for water and power
Researchers study tallest, man-made tsunami
Spacecraft aims to gather more Mars data

July 2005
India, Pakistan fail to resolve differences over disputed water
New dams will do little to solve Europe's water shortage conservation group says
Radioactive cesium leaks into Baltic from Swedish nuclear plant, no risk to public
Scientists raise the alarm about ocean health

June 2005
Spain's worst drought in six decades prompts debate over water
Tajik leader urges more international aid for shrinking Aral Sea
30 percent of Ireland's rivers polluted with sewage or fertilizer study finds
UNICEF and Procter & Gamble join forces on safe drinking water for children

May 2005
Archeologists uncover early British bathroom
Bioluminescent lagoon in Puerto Rico reveals stunning glow
Exploding toads puzzle German scientists
Jordan, Israel, Palestinians agree on action to save shrinking Dead Sea

April 2005
China announces plan to move 400,000 people for giant water-diversion project
China faces severe water shortages, mounting pollution
Engineering students compete in Red Sea crossing -- with wine
France pledges Africa funding at water conferenc
Gorbachev calls for global water treaty
Water, sanitation key to disaster response, long-term development

March 2005
Cuba calls on citizens to conserve water to confront shortage
Mexico, U.S. reach agreement on water debt
Phillipine groundwater reserves at critical level

Red Cross says lack of clean water, sanitation kills as many as Indian Ocean tsunami every month

February 2005
Aid workers say collecting tsunami victims could take months
At least 20 killed as water from damaged dam hits villages
China halts megaprojects, citing environment
Titan's streams like Earth's

January 2005
Health experts rushing water tablets and sanitation to tsunami survivors to ward off disease
Millions without safe water following tsunami
Small nonprofit group fighting to bring clean water to the world
Tsunami threatens survival of low-lying Maldives islands

December 2004
China's massive South-North water diversion project facing money woes
Indiana University scientists study PCBs in Great Lakes
Mars Rover finds mineral linked to water
Ontario demands tougher water protection in Great Lakes agreements
Plaintiffs in Ecuador oil trial accuse ChevronTexaco of "fraud" in toxic cleanup
Some 160 in northeast China suffer from arsenic poisoning after leak at copper plant

November 2004
Report delves into details of U.S., Mexico water treaty
Swedish company hired to protect Egyptian temples from rising groundwater
Sydney launches multimillion dollar plan to safeguard city's water
U.N. says Africa must boost use of water resources to combat food shortages, poverty

October 2004
Japan thirsty for Hawaiian deep-sea water
Mars Express hints about water loss in the atmosphere
Mexican officials pacify water protestors with promise of Christmas trees
Workers dig more mass graves, officials fear epidemics in Haiti

September 2004
Cambodian report warns of environmental damage from use of chemicals in gold mining
Ecuador judge begins jungle site visits in ChevronTexaco pollution
Report warns of crunch in water supply
Spain offers help to Turkey with toxic waste disaster

August 2004
Governors from U.S., Mexican states to work on water issues
Malaysia plans fresh changes to Bakun dam construction
Pakistan-Indian talks end with no agreement on disputed Indian dam
Vietnam trip to highlight environmental restoration

July 2004
Holy water!

Peru city bets on waterfront walkway to clean up Lake Titicaca bay
Swiss help Syrians revive ancient water system

Water tanks best for bulletproofing cars

June 2004
Beijing to raise water price by 20 percent amid "serious" shortages
ChevronTexaco files claim against Ecuador's state oil company

More toxic waste from Taiwan discovered in Malaysia, official says
'The Day After Tomorrow' is Hollywood, not science

Water and sanitation in Iraq improving
Water price hikes expected in Beijing

May 2004
April rains reduce Mexico water debt to Texas
Opportunity for a one-way trip down a Mars crater to find evidence of water

USAID and partners form a $5 million alliance for safe drinking water
World may be darkening as clouds, air pollution dim the sun's rays

April 2004
Coke withdraws its bottled water from sale in Britain
Mars 'blueberries' give strong support to water theory
Mars rovers to continue search for water
Study: Canada takes too much water

March 2004
Dry Beijing to shun water-intensive industry
India's Kerala state bans Coke plant from using groundwater
Israel signs agreement to buy water from Turkey
Towns in Sweden, Romania, U.S. win water tasting contest

February 2004
Mexico agrees to send water to Texas, angering Mexican farmers
Ocean researchers increase efforts to unravel mysteries of sea
Opportunity rover examines Mars bedrock for water
World said slipping in goal of fresh water to poor

January 2004
China starts new phase of vast project to bring water to its north
Faced with water shortages, authorities tell Manila residents to avoid baths
Lack of clean water linked with stunted growth
Plan would unite Mexican, U.S. governors on Rio Grande issues

September 2003
Georgia's waterways polluted with poultry waste
Environmentalists seek ban on herbicide
Las Vegas restricts water use
Excessive heat takes toll on Swiss Alpine glaciers
Colorado River deal eludes California with time running out
Facts get murky in dispute over source of bottled spring water
Facts get murky in dispute over source of bottled spring water
Japan's thirst for bottled water grows
Perry considers withholding water from Mexico in treaty dispute
International commission says Great Lakes cleanup too slow
Lake Erie dead zone becomes growing concern
Maryland on lookout for next pfiesteria outbreak
Scientists warn plan to restore Everglades may harm Florida Bay water quality

August 2003
Colorado working to identify projects for water initiative
Denver Water to study system to tap aquifers in emergencies
Mexican official promised prompt, full payment of water
Vegas water agency planning $5 million Lake Mead intake curtain
Drinking water defense lab opens in city scarred by tainted water
Georgia, Alabama, Florida governors sign understanding agreement
Six states say California's water-sharing deal is unacceptable
South Dakota governor calls for Missouri River meeting
Drought affects businesses as well as farms, ranches
Philadelphia Eagles say lack of water fountains was an oversight
Population adds to drought hardships
Water costs, drought spur Western businesses to conserve
Eminent scientists release new plan to save Australia's rivers
Group finds high pesticide levels in PepsiCo and Coca-Cola soft drinks, companies deny it
Iceberg season was a busy one
Malaysia says Singapore risks damaging ties if water dispute drags
Depleted aquifers could force reduction of water rights
Households to receive an average of $350 as a result of settlement
Judge rules Klamath Basin plan violates Endangered Species Act
Suit against DNR for not acting on water permit settled
Agency to conduct more Camp Lejeune water studies
Desalination plant could mean better water future
Quad-City residents participate in water study, await results
Tank cleanup continues, but many remain a risk to environment

July 2003
Applications rising for deeper wells in Idaho as water tables fall
eBay buyer disappears after bidding for water tower
Lexington is latest city to consider condemnation of RWE AG water company
Scientists explore groundwater levels' response to quakes
EPA, states show water remains huge issue for Kansas
Feds ask Klamath irrigators to curtail water for fish
Nebraska provides grants to help communities cap abandoned wells
U.S. says Imperial Valley should get less Colorado River water
Eight communities consider use of effluent for irrigation
Moscow, Idaho environmentalists agree on water conservation
Southern Idaho warned growth depends on conservation
State's new gray water law is challenged
Japan can contribute to water supply in Iraq
Mexico to send water to U.S. farmers
Florida trying to deal with potential ecological disaster
New York community warned against giving well water to babies
Retrofit your yard by building gardens that treat storm water runoff
Washington state finishes revised water quality standards

June 2003
Coastal cities turn up the heat on rainfall
Environmentalists release plan to clean Great Lakes
NASA to give farmers weather information Environmentalists release plan to clean Great Lakes
New Mexico needs $4 billion for water projects
Distributor halting sale of nicotine water targeted by bill
Hundreds in Pennsylvania county may pay to undo illegal sewage hookups
Massachusetts to end ban on highway herbicide spraying
Nevada congressman wins backing for study of rocket fuel effects
Denver water parks conserve to improve bottom lin
Drought spurs water-saving changes at Colorado companies
In the California desert, they use water like there's no tomorrow -- but tomorrow is coming
MWD Asks San Diego County to Reconsider Position Supporting Massive Waste of Water
Year-old New Mexico drought emergency continues
Group says U.S. drinking water supply at risk
New York water filtration plant endorsed by conservation groups
Report suggests al-Qaida could poison U.S. water
Short-term exposure to estrogen cuts fish fertility

May 2003
El Nino's disappearance helps bring back normal water year
Interior secretary warns of pending water crisis
Nevada water official says Lake Mead will likely slip to ``drought alert"
Sierra County, N.M. fights water plan for Texas 
Study lists likely sites of future water conflicts in West
Arizona task force will draw up state-wide drought plan
Georgia left with no water plan after bill falters
Indiana lacks resources to track safety of drinking water
Klamath Falls, Columbia River make list of moderate future water
New goals set for reducing Chesapeake Bay sediment, improving bay grasses
River rangers tell boaters to relieve themselves elsewhere
Denver changing summer plantings to conserve water
Denver limits lawn watering for 1.2 million customers
Environmental Protection Agency honors carwash association as environmental hero
Irrigation blamed for warming-like effect in San Joaquin, study says
Irrigators race to beat new water well moratoriums
Sky Harbor is installing dry urinals to conserve water
Kuwait to send water purification plants to Iraq
Scientists debate depleted uranium weapons' possible contamination of Iraq, civilians
Venetians look to Moses to save them from water
Wartime Japanese poison gas linked to water contamination near Toyko
Water supplies in southern Iraq undrinkable for weeks raising specter of epidemics
WHO blames leaky pipes, fans for spread of SARS
California considers new bottled-water rules
Database of bacteria could help clean South Dakota rivers
Porous parking lot cuts down on runoff
Science key to turning coal mine into water supply
Scientists get to the bottom of 'black water' in Gulf of Mexico
$7.4 billion needed to clean U.S. contaminated sites on Great Lakes

April 2003
Dry winter keeps snow pack below normal for third year
Indulgent Las Vegas cracking down in face of withering drought
Texas republicans urging voters to oppose groundwater district
Western Nebraska town decides not to buy water from irrigators
Florida seeks permit to dump polluted water in Gulf of Mexico
Frederick builders poised to dive back in after water becomes available
Metropolitan Water District planning for reduced water supplies
State of Michigan bars herbicide linked to water pollution
Coors Field tries staying green while cutting water use
Salt Lake City considering plans to require water conservation
Top Las Vegas-area water users revealed, schools top list
Utah water district says replacing old toilets saved water
Acapulco launches effort to clean up its water, beaches
Policy makers, activists disagree over privatization of water
Venezuela rationing water due to drought, forest fires
Winning Iraqis' hearts, minds, starts with water
Anthrax source can be traced using water analysis
Free arsenic tests of well water available to Michigan residents
Tampa Bay tapping bay as new source of drinking water despite some concerns
Water companies assessing safety under EPA mandate

March 2003
Colorado Senate committee rejects `Big Straw' study
Lake Michigan may hit record low levels this summer
Study shows New Mexico's Middle Rio Grande aquifer is lower than expected
Vegas official says water more valuable to casinos than farmers
Arkansas House OKs bill to address water quality standards fight
Colorado governor supports bills to improve conservation, storage
Colorado House approves major change to water law
EPA lowers water quality rules for Idaho's South Fork Coeur d'Alene
Missouri lawmaker says "show me" what's in the water
Desert golf courses tee up opposition to Las Vegas-area drought plan
Drought-parched Colorado town bans new planting starting May 3
El Paso council debates strict water-conservation rules
Water conservationists urge lawmakers to preserve state's water
Pesticide findings spur Indian government crackdown on bottled water companies
Singapore starts pumping reclaimed water into water system
Tackling world's water crises would cost up to $100 billion a year, U.N. official says
Water system reducing diarrheal disease
Feds offer money to Klamath farmers not to irrigate
Michigan officials consider use of controversial herbicide
Nebraska senator wants cities to fluoridate water to save money

February 2003
Cities thriving during drought as rural areas wilt
Dry winter failing to relieve drought in West
German giant taking over American water supply
Scientists say drought accelerating depletion of Ogallala Aquifer
Cheyenne faces water rationing
Drought forces closure of most Denver golf courses
Farmers turn to cotton to conserve aquifer
Georgia lifts outdoor water ban, plans for future shortages
Household cloth can be used to reduce cholera risk
Panel says water management should be U.S., Mexican priority
Singapore pumps reclaimed water into reservoirs
Testing begins on anti-terror detection methods
Virginia trooper shot during water contamination probe
Wichita officials looking at ozone gas to reduce water's odor

January 2003
California lawmakers blame Bush administration for failure of water
California water district shuts off Colorado River water pumps
New energy proposal for the Cape would tap water power
Oklahoma rural, urban water districts squaring off over rights
Audit says Dallas lost 26 billion gallons of water
Denver to give away water-saving kits
Kearney, Neb. concentrates on water conservation techniques
Texas government effort to conserve energy and water off to slow
British army defuses firebomb at North Irish waterworks
Federal government files complaint charging Guam with violating Clean Water Act
Malaysian state to stop buying treated water from Singapore
Utah has perchlorate contamination of some groundwater supplies

December 2002
Interior secretary cuts California's share of Colorado River water
Las Vegas could experience water cutbacks
Colorado's Western Slope officials brace for water fight in Legislature
Maine drought continues into 19th month
Nebraska Farm Bureau supports meters on irrigation wells
Santa Fe County commissioners approve water conservation ordinance
Nebraska proposes stricter farming practices to deal with groundwater problem
Very few sign up for Washington's water rights transfer program
China approves world's largest water diversion project
Rich nations rank as most water wasteful

November 2002
Texas commissioner suggests making Mexico pay for water debt
Farmers seek federal funds for conserving water
Denver-area water conservation falls short of goal
Drought brings disaster declaration for 74 Indiana counties
Arizona considers chlorinating supplies after deaths caused by waterborne parasite
Missile site contaminates Kansas wells with trichloroethylene
As drought grips Australia, Sydney residents pour record amounts of water on their lawns
Australian drought sparks debate over the direction of water usage
Iran welcomes return of river water from Afghanistan but says flow is insufficient
Israeli minister bans Palestinian water drilling

October 2002
Warren Air Force Base residents told to drink bottled water
Farmers seek federal funds for conserving water
Singapore will use water reclaimed from waste starting next year government says
Conservation groups sue federal agencies
Orange County's water bank has been overdrawn
$24 million loss by rafting companies along Arkansas
High mercury levels raise concern in Connecticut
Texas farmers say they can't plant on water debt
Farmers seek federal funds for conserving water
Utah water managers plan cloud seeding again this winter
Oceans commission finds serious threats from coastal population

September 2002
Binational aqueduct for Tijuana pitched, but pipeline may not come in time
Santa Fe council approves moratorium on new construction
Senate easily approves $6 billion in drought aid
Colorado State and Colorado University to open DroughtLab
Report says 76 million could perish from water-related disease by 2020
Water shortages plague Jordan
Delaware urges prison for polluters
Kansas and Colorado still haggling over settlement amount in water dispute
Luxury subdivision says Santa Fe mismanaged water
International commission says Great Lakes cleanup too slow
Lake Erie dead zone becomes growing concern
Maryland on lookout for next pfiesteria outbreak
Scientists warn plan to restore Everglades may harm Florida Bay water quality

August 2002
Israel and Turkey strike 20-year water deal
Jordan seeks cooperation with Israel to save the Dead Sea
800 residents sue Mississippi city over alleged wastewater contamination
Canton, Georgia bans outdoor watering
Drought may force farm families to shut down wells
Oil companies settle for $28 million in Tahoe MTBE case
Small Colorado town is out of water and praying for rain
Zebra mussels get second billing to quagga in Lake Erie

July 2002
Dry Faucets Enrage Italians
Global efforts needed to keep water free of arsenic
San Antonio area faces water restrictions as aquifer level dips
Santa Fe area water association limits water
Water increasingly scarce in drought-seared southwestern Afghanistan
Scientists worried about buried tanks leaking gasoline in Florida's sandy soil
State orders contamination study for Cape newborns
Stretch of Cuyahoga River polluted with viruses

June 2002
Mexican official says country has five more years to pay water debt to the United States
North Korea notifies South Korea of water-level control plans on
Study estimates cost of $3 billion to fund water conservation
Survey of drought-induced hunger paints grim picture of life in Afghanistan
Delaware using DNA tests to find sources of water pollution
Most oil polluting the oceans comes from runoff, rivers, small boats, not tanker spills

May 2002
Government agrees to reopen Congo river
Mexican governor says Chihuahua complying with water treaty
Mexico's Fox meets with northern governors, promises to help with water problems
Taiwan begins water rationing after prolonged drought
Las Vegas may need $1 billion water pipeline
In lush Hawaii, some see 'train-wreck scenario' as early warning of growing world water crisis
Drought fears force water restrictions in some Colorado cities
Mass. public health officials recommend new bottled water regulations
Study finds phosphorous causes Kansas reservoir water to taste bad

April 2002
Kandahar water said to be an aphrodisiac
Dow to use microbes to clean up groundwater contamination
Environmentalists threaten dairies with lawsuits
Lawsuit seeks to determine if Penobscot River's mercury is a threat
Washington Supreme Court rules against rural well exemption
Water 'key to ending Africa's poverty'
USGS study says country's rivers awash in beauty aids, medications

March 2002
Buried, burned cows could pollute England's water
Red alert for China's Yellow River
Researchers trying 'permeable pavement' to reduce water runoff
State sets aside $1 million for monitoring agricultural
Solar-powered pumps could replace windmills
Water levels in Pakistani dams drop to low levels

February 2002
Study says Iowa water jeopardized by hog ponds
China to press forward with plans to dam Mekong river
Water scarcity set to worsen in Mediterranean region, U.N. agency

January 2002
Canada adopts new water standards for children, seniors
China to invest in pollution prevention on Three Gorges
Environment groups warn Israel against polluting in the Mediterranean Sea
Officials look to clean up Illinois River

December 2001
ADB sets up fund to help Asian nations face water crisis
Antarctica's largest glaciers rapidly shrinking, scientists say
China issues first-ever fishing ban on Yangtze River
Former Japanese leader makes appeal to ease Afghan water shortage
Federal official warns California must curb Colorado Water use
State of Pennsylvania issues drought warning for towns across 13 counties
Water picture looking bleak for Santa Fe
Wyoming Coal-bed water would become drinking water under proposal
Environmental groups fighting sewer discharge into cave system
Health officer says British Columbia's water may cause stomach illness

November 2001
Chinese river poisoned by cyanide spill
Drought causes worse than expected world cereal crop, UN says
UN study says world population could grow to nearly 11 billion by 2050
Victoria water restrictions cost jobs, hurt businesses
Dupont responds to water quality lawsuit
Marketing agency, PepsiCo fire new salvos in court battle over bottled water secrets
Irradiation Can Kill Anthrax Spores, Officials Say

October 2001
FBI says U.S. water supplies are logical attack target
Water Quality Association addresses terrorism and America's water supplies
World Food Program issues call for assistance to help poor suffering from drought
Great Lakes are exhaling toxic chemicals
New arsenic study puts pressure on EPA
North Carolina company launches home anthrax test
Report shows risks to southern Idaho water supply
Dwindling water supplies shape future of farming in western Kansas

September 2001
Chevron settles in MTBE contamination lawsuit
Jordan to build 195 mile pipeline to transport groundwater supplies
No water, no sex, wives tell husbands women want Turkish village's system fixed
Chlorination byproduct in South Texas water linked to birth defects
GAO says Pentagon is exaggerating progress of cleanup projects on military sites
Irrigators say coalbed discharges are polluting river's water
Sewage discharge blamed for lack of fish in ocean waters

August 2001
Almost one million people prepare for dry days in Malaysia's biggest drought
Once-mighty Rio Grande is trickle when it reaches Gulf of Mexico
Massachusetts gets C-minus for mercury cleanup efforts
PG&E stops irrigating with chromium-6 in town made famous by `Erin Brockovich'
Tranquil Lake Coeur d'Alene turbulent issue in courtroom

July 2001
Drought imperils Pakistan's 'very unity'
South Korea's military steps in to fight drought

June 2001
South Korea approves funding to fight severe drought
World Bank presses China to take action to prevent water shortages
Mistake by rookie employee cited as cause of water contamination
Study finds chicken waste will continue to pollute Tulsa taps

May 2001
Biologist says zebra mussel killing out other mussels
Police beat protesters demanding water, arrest 90 people

April 2001
Australia at risk of running out of water and lands being ruined by rising salt levels
Israel lowers tone in water dispute with Lebanon
Forgotten landfills could be tainting North Carolina groundwater
Lead used in fishing lures may be poisoning wildlife

March 2001
Perry pushes for water debt repayment in meeting with Mexican ambassador
Russia allocates more funds for Lake Baikal protection
Lab finds tritium in groundwater at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Marines searching for thousands exposed to tainted water at Camp Lejeune

February 2001
Prescription drugs turn up again in water
India's Orissa state declares almost 12,000 villages drought-hit

January 2001
Diarrhea outbreak downs 700 people in southern Philippine city
U.N. says water, sanitation still sorely lacking in developing world
Water drives the U.S., Mexican border economy

December 2000
Officials unsure where blame lies in Red Bank pollution
Indian Supreme Court clears construction of massive dam

November 2000
Dust from Africa may be killing Caribbean coral
Thames buy makes RWE global water no.3
Test of L.A. tap water finds high levels of chromium
Drought losses rise to $820 million, threaten economy

October 2000
Experts warn that Earth's water supply rapidly dwindling
Drugs detected in water samples from San Juan, Rio Grande
Traces of pesticides found in Ogallala Aquifer

September 2000
Experts warn that Earth's water supply is rapidly dwindling
Record-breaking dry spell continues in Texas
Low Great Lakes water levels reduce shipping tons

August 2000
American youth to compete in prestigious international water science contest in Stockholm
West Bank's commercial center suffers severe water shortage
State proposes clean up contamination that creates one of world's most polluted lakes
PG&E and Erin Brockovich battle continues

July 2000
Study says tainted Colorado River water may present thyroid problems
National Drought Mitigation Center at NU to help drought-prone Morocco

June 2000
Crop institute trying to halt advance of deserts in Asia
Thames Water company plans U.S. "clean up"
Use of recycled water for drinking questioned

May 2000
Argentine city says tap water is toxic
University of North Carolina experiments reveal new 'pen' can disinfect water

April 2000
Arsenic poison in Bangladesh wells reduces access to safe water
ELI proposes framework for preventing mining pollution in Americas
Lead exposure increases risk of cavities in children, adults

March 2000
More than 1,500 anti-dam protesters arrested in India
Response to Mozambique floods difficult because crisis growing
MTBE gasoline additive found in Maryland water systems
USGS says water supply will be one of challenges in coming century

February 2000
Drought withers Brazil's coffee harvest
Study says South American farmers may have been able to predict El Nino

January 2000
Estimated death toll surpasses 5,000 in Venezuela flooding
Global Water Technologies brings relief aid to Mexico
Experts: Stock up on rainwater to prepare for droughts
Scarce water will define New Mexico in the coming millennium

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With Master Yun Xiang Tseng (Master Chen) Taost Priest from Wu Dang Mountain China

Stop the Slaughter Click Link to Sign Bill HR 503

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